Sunday, May 7, 2006

Starting to smile & stick out my tongue

Marshall is becoming a lot more responsive. Although we are having difficulty capturing it on camera, Marshall is smiling a lot. He smiles most when he is fed and rested well. Who can blame him? We all smile if we have food in our bellies and slept good the night before, or every two hours depending on the person.

As most parents are with their first child, we are convinced Marshall is a smart boy. Although we have no children to compare Marshall to, we are amazed when he can mimick sticking out his tongue or cooing back and forth with us. He is so much fun! I recommend becoming friends with Marshall.

He is still getting up regularly at night. He probably averages waking up every two or three hours. Occasionally, he will even sleep four hours straight! Chrissy has born the brunt of the work at night supporting me as I've been really busy finishing up with finals at school. Overall, Marshall is becoming a lot more consistent about sleeping for two hours and staying up for two hours. This has been nice so we can somewhat plan our day!


joannholm said...

Thank you so much for sending me your blog....I loved the pictures and all the was great. Better than a plain ol' baby book, such a neat thing, too for the Grandparents to stay in the loop. I am so glad motherhood is getting easier....Marshall is adorable....your whole family is wonderful!
We love you!