Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do as I'm doing.... follow, follow me

Marshall loves lawn mowers. When we lived in our apartment we would sit by the window each week to watch "The lawnmower guy". When I told Marshall that daddy was getting a lawnmower for our house, he became very excited. I decided to get Marshall a house warming gift... his very own bubble lawnmower.
He wants to do what daddy does.

Marshall really looks up to Corbett and both his Grandpas. I am constantly amazed at how observant he is at his male role models. In this clip he wants to do just what grandpa Record does.

Settling in Roseville, CA

Grandpa and Grandma Record came to help the "Jackson Three" get settled in our new home. They helped a lot with the yard. Our house has been unoccupied for a year, so there was a lot of overgrowth in the yard. Grandpa had more energy that all of us combined. He and Grandma filled about 16 large trash bags with green waste. This would have probably taken us a year to do ourselves with the baby coming. Thanks Record Grandparents for helping us.

Marshall likes to do what grandpa does.

Don't worry, he wasn't holding these for long.

Three generations- Grandpa Record, Marshall and Corbett

Marshall loves his new back yard. So did grandma after a long day of work.

Here is our growing family.

Marshall & Dad in the sprinklers


Here is the pregnant lady. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, so I am bigger now. I have 4 weeks left until our new little boy is born. We feel blessed that our move was before the baby was born.

The Jackson grandparents came to help us move on July 4th weekend. They were a big help. Here is Grammy and Marshall waiting for grandpa and Corbett to carry out the big heavy couches. "Big Truck" is a phrase that I heard Marshall say a lot during our move. Marshall loved riding in the Uhaul.

Look at these young, strong stallions.
Here is Grammy and Grandpa in our back yard right after Marshall squirted them with the hose. Marshall loves the water and wanted to share his love with his grandparents! He is a thoughtful boy.