Monday, July 20, 2009

One Man Band

San Jose

Marshall, Clay, Kate & Sammy

"Bush Lady"

Its nice to live close to Nathan and Lys. We missed living near family when we lived in Minnesota, now we have some just a drive away!

Fishermans Warf in San Franscisco

"Robot Man"- if you put money in his cup he moves and makes noises like a robot.

"Bush Man" You cant see this guy as you walk toward him. He grunts and shakes his leaves to startle people walking near him. It is really funny to watch.

"One Man Band"

Corbett and I are guessing that he makes about $15-20/song....4 songs in 1 hour, this guy might make $60-80/hour. Not a bad job as a performer.

San Franscisco

We met by brother Nathan and cousin Sammy and Kate in San Fran. Nathan is a seasoned veteran in showing off this city. We had a lot of fun seeing the bay bridge, Alamo Square, Ghirardelli Square, the beautiful city of Sausalito, Fisherman's Warf and all the strange people there. The kids did a great job too, so many things to see in one day.

Full House.... the door isn't red anymore.

What cute cousins!

Growing Kids, Growing Garden

Happy Boy!

Yummy shoe!

We realized that in this being our first garden, it would be a learning experience. We planted watermelon, cantelope, beans, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper,zucchini and okra. We have more zucchini and tomatoes than we can eat and something ate most our beans when they were sprouting, other than that it all seems to be growing well.