Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cute outfit from Grammy

Here are a couple of pictures of Marshall's outfit that he got from Grammy. He asked if he could wear it today, so we let him.
The hat is a little big for him - by the time we got to Church, it was covering almost his whole face. Oops!

Marshall is feeling better

As many of you know, Marshall has been a a little more fussy than the average baby. At first, we just accepted that Marshall was a fussy baby. Recently we noticed some reoccuring behaviors that led us to believe that he might have acid reflux. He has been on Zantac for about 5 days and is doing a lot better. Marshall has been so much happier in the last couple of days, Chrissy has been so happy she feels like she could fly.

In fact, Chrissy has been so happy that she has not cried for several days in a row! This new calmness in Marshall prompted us to climb the highest mountain in Minneapolis. We reached the top and took a picture with Minneapolis in the background.
Church was actually easy for us today. We actually spent most of the time inour meetings instead of roaming the hallway or walking outside. Marshall has been much happier and we can tell that the pain is slowly subsiding. He too has felt "lifted to new heights."

These two pictures were taken on the highest natural point in Minneapolis where an old water tower is located. The water tower is called the Witch Hat because it looks the top looks like a hat suited for a witch! The hat is often referred to as a landmark to help navigate around the University area of Minneapolis because it stands high above other buildings.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Things

Marshall has recently discovered something that some people search for their whole lives: their hands. He has finally found them, he shuves them in his mouth - a lot! He uses both hands to get one hand in his mouth because he is not quite strong enough to hold one hand up by itself. But once he gets one of his hands in there, it's drool time. He drools all over his chin and shirt until it's completely soaked.
This picture will mean a lot to some people and nothing to others. To the Jackson Family, I ask you to look very closely at his right eyebrow. You can see how his eyebrow arches us and the hair sticks straight out from his face. Does that remind you of anybody else? How about Dorson Jackson? Way to pass down the eyebrows Grandpa!
He is getting longer and longer. I am wondering how long he is going to fit on his changing table. Can you buy an extension for these things? Also notice in this and other pictures how his hair is growing longer and getting darker. We are happy that we is surpassing Chrissy's ability to start growing hair at age 2!

Overall, he is becoming much more interactive and a lot more fun. He watches us pretty closely, and loves to make eye contact. You can see how he is watching me take pictures of him. We hope that are being good parents. We feel so blessed to be parents for such a wonderful baby.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

More smiles

During this photoshoot, Marshall smiled quite a bit. Here are two pictures with some really good smiles. It is fun to see how his slight dimples when he smiles - he takes after his Dad's big mouth and big smile.

Bless you!

As many proud parents would attest to, taking numerous pictures consecutively is an addicting habit. During this sequence, I was trying to get him to smile as shown in the picture above. By chance, we caught him sneezing! I have it on my backdrop for my computer. Pretty cute.

Play thingy

Marshall enjoys his play thingy. We are such new parents that we do not even know the name for this thing. He does not reach out and grab for anything yet, but he loves to kick the soft post and hear everything rattle and ring. He is quite the kicker taking after his Mom and Dad's passion for soccer. Also, he kicks like crazy in the tub. He kicks non-stop for almost the whole bath; it is hilarious.

Posing for the Camera

We got Marshall to look right into the camera for this one! He's already getting good posing for the camera.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Growing up so fast

Marshall is getting so big and so cute. At his two month appointment, Marshall was nearly 13 pounds which is at the 80 percentile. Chrissy was happy to know that she has been doing a good job helping him grow. He also measured 23 and 1/4 inches long. He is a growing boy. Sometimes it seems like he grew an inch and gained a pound overnight!

Starting to smile & stick out my tongue

Marshall is becoming a lot more responsive. Although we are having difficulty capturing it on camera, Marshall is smiling a lot. He smiles most when he is fed and rested well. Who can blame him? We all smile if we have food in our bellies and slept good the night before, or every two hours depending on the person.

As most parents are with their first child, we are convinced Marshall is a smart boy. Although we have no children to compare Marshall to, we are amazed when he can mimick sticking out his tongue or cooing back and forth with us. He is so much fun! I recommend becoming friends with Marshall.

He is still getting up regularly at night. He probably averages waking up every two or three hours. Occasionally, he will even sleep four hours straight! Chrissy has born the brunt of the work at night supporting me as I've been really busy finishing up with finals at school. Overall, Marshall is becoming a lot more consistent about sleeping for two hours and staying up for two hours. This has been nice so we can somewhat plan our day!