Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our lives in the Fall

Marshall's first day of school. 

I'm a little crazy nesting right now.  I've painted walls, made a cowboy baby bumper, dust ruffle and curtains.  Now I need to hang stuff on the walls, wash clothes... and I have the urge to organize and clean everything in my house. 

It's still warm here.  Marshall and Clay love our pool!

Oregon Reunion

The Jackson men had some outdoor time fishing, camping, seeing horses, 4 wheeling and playing with fire. What a dream for Marshall and Clay: sticks, dirt and rocks. 

 Good job Marshall!

True men roast marshmallows on sticks. 
 Grammy and Clay at the park

Happy Birthday Clay and Corbett!

 Clay got this awesome bike for his birthday.  We are hoping that it will help him learn to pedal. 
 In Oregon we celebrated Clay and Corbett's Birthday time...
 Corbett had all his dreams come true....Ketti made him a quilt with minke on the back. 

 We celebrated more "Birthday Time" with Stacy and Jeff . 

 Stacy and Ella at Dillon's Beach
 Pregnant sisters


In Utah we got to see our friends from grad school, the Mortensens.

Before we went to the cabin we visited Shelby and Derek in Idaho and Corbett's mission President

Here is Marshall and Clay with some of his cousins.
 We had our reunion at a cabin at Bear Lake: 13 adults, 15 grandchildren, 3 on the way.  Here we are celebrating mom and dad's 40 anniversary.  Surprise!

 I love that Clay will sleep anywhere.  Thanks Grandma!