Monday, February 22, 2010

Life of a boy

Do you need any yard work done? We are all about child labor in our house!

Future BYU-Idaho grads like mom and dad. Thanks uncle Cameron.

Our kids love our laundry basket...a.k.a. "The train"

Chocolate ice cream. Tillamook Ice cream is all that is served in our home- go Oregon!

To our friends: you know who you are...

Thank you-

Christmas in Oregon

Marshall is a big fan of bowling. We went with Uncle Cameron, girlfriend, Kristen and the Jacksons. Cameron and Kristen are now engaged as of February!

It snowed! Marshall had such a good time playing with Bentley, Corbett's cousin. Marshall calls Corbett's cousins his cousins. He loves all the attention from older kids. Isn't it great that Grandpa Jackson put this helmet on Marshall, he needed it as he slipped around. What a great grandpa!

Clay decided to eat the cookies that Santa didn't finish eating on Christmas morning. There is nothing quite like a cookie for breakfast.