Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas!


M arshall started preschool this year and loves it!
E ndoscopie center, that Corbett is the administrator over, is doing well.
R eunion in Utah with the Record family…. lots of cousins to play with!
R eunion in Oregon with Jackson family-Cameron came home from Cambodia mission
Y ummy Turkey- Chrissy made her first successful Turkey for Thanksgiving.

C lay has become a professional growler…he likes making animal noises at Marshall.
H aircut- although Clay looks bald from a distance, we had to cut the mullet off.
R unning and more running. Now that Clay can run the boys play tag.
I rvine trip- Chrissy and Corbett had a “get a way”.
S wim lessons were a hit for Marshall…and he took great naps after.
T ime for Chrissy to sew and Corbett to play golf and time to eat dinner as a family.
M arried 6 years. Happy anniversary to us this month!
A lphabet song mastered by Marshall.
S o, we have so much to be thankful for. On the top of our list is our Savior, Jesus Christ. We feel so blessed that he came to this world as a babe, grew to a man and paid the price of sin so that we could return to our Father in Heaven. We hope that you all feel the joy we feel celebrating his birth.

The Jackson Family

Jackson Family

Record Family


Uncle Cameron and the Jackson's visited us for Thanksgiving! We had a blast eating lots of food, bowling, walking to the park and playing games.

Boys, they are fun!

We have let our garden go. Now it is a great place for the boys to play in the dirt.... we thought, until Marshall decided to make his brother the dirt pile.

Poor Clay.

When Marshall leaves out his markers, Clay loves to suck on them when mom and dad aren't looking.

The Spirit of Christmas