Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rock and Roll

Marshall really enjoys the flashing lights at the carousel. At first, he was pretty unsure of the whole thing but he warmed up to the zebra and everything was peachy from then on.
Marshall is learning how to walk. One of his early birthday presents was this little walker that converts into a little push car. He loves to push it around the house, but he gets a little frustrated when the walker runs into a wall. He struggles with turning the walker around. Then he will find something else to push around like the laundry basket, trash can, chairs, and old cereal boxes.
No this is not our freezer, but it is inside our house. In fact, it's our living room window. Minnesota is cold. You know what they say: many are cold, but few are frozen.
Marshall is very affectionate with many of his friends from church. Here he is kissing his friend, Will Mortensen. Will likes the kisses as long as they don't turn into bites.
This is right after Marshall's first haircut. You might think that he is crying because of the haircut, but he is actually upset because Mom didn't let him have the camera. He really did well with getting his haircut. Chrissy did a great job helping him feel comfortable with the buzzer.
This is the before hair style. We are fans of his new look!