Monday, February 20, 2012

January-February in the Jackson Home

 The Jacksons and my family come to visit us for Tanner's baby blessing.  I also had a family birthday party for me.  I'm getting OLD!

 Stacy, Jeff and Ella and Jack spent a Saturday with us.  We went to the train museum in Sacramento and went on a bike ride. 
 Tanner with Grammy's quilt. 
 Grammy made these hats for the boys
 Corbett and Marshall went skiing on Valentines Day.  Just enough snow for them in Tahoe. 

Reality... for a couple of months I slept in this recliner. I would get up in the night with Tanner and be so tired that one feeding ran into another. Now at 3 and 1/2 months Tanner is sleeping 8 hours and I'm a happy rested mom!


 Grammy Jackson came in December to help me with my kids.  It was nice to have some help about a month after Tanner was as I transitioned to three boys. 
 Marshall and Clay love doing yard work with Dad!
 We had a relaxing Christmas...but Corbett was sick.  luckily the rest of us stayed healthy.