Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Valentines Day

Let's go fly a Kite

Ever since we flew a kite with uncle Nathan and the Records we have wanted a kite.... they are really fun. This last Summer at Costco I saw these cool, user friendly kites and got one. It sat in the trunk of our car as I waited for that perfect day to use it. I forgot about it and it sat in our trunk for 6 months. Finally one day Corbett said, its windy.... it became a kite day.

This is our cool dragon kite. We had to reassure Marshall that it was just pretend and that he could touch it with out it biting him.

Corbett and I took turns with the kite.

Marshall wanted a turn too and then.....

let go!

The kite flew really high, then over a fence and crashed down and got stuck. Marshall helped me retrive the kite. The man that helped us to his back yard was really nice about the whole thing and gave us one of his lemons.... strangely large lemons.... don't you think?

Clay had fun with all the excitement too... but was ready for a nap.