Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Things

Marshall has recently discovered something that some people search for their whole lives: their hands. He has finally found them, he shuves them in his mouth - a lot! He uses both hands to get one hand in his mouth because he is not quite strong enough to hold one hand up by itself. But once he gets one of his hands in there, it's drool time. He drools all over his chin and shirt until it's completely soaked.
This picture will mean a lot to some people and nothing to others. To the Jackson Family, I ask you to look very closely at his right eyebrow. You can see how his eyebrow arches us and the hair sticks straight out from his face. Does that remind you of anybody else? How about Dorson Jackson? Way to pass down the eyebrows Grandpa!
He is getting longer and longer. I am wondering how long he is going to fit on his changing table. Can you buy an extension for these things? Also notice in this and other pictures how his hair is growing longer and getting darker. We are happy that we is surpassing Chrissy's ability to start growing hair at age 2!

Overall, he is becoming much more interactive and a lot more fun. He watches us pretty closely, and loves to make eye contact. You can see how he is watching me take pictures of him. We hope that are being good parents. We feel so blessed to be parents for such a wonderful baby.


Ketti said...

No doubt about it, my grandson is the cutest, the sweetest, oh my, I am totally in love with this baby.
By the way Corbett, you drooled right down to your belly button.
Love, Grammy

The Bluths said...

He seems to grow up so much each week! What a doll!