Sunday, May 28, 2006

Marshall is feeling better

As many of you know, Marshall has been a a little more fussy than the average baby. At first, we just accepted that Marshall was a fussy baby. Recently we noticed some reoccuring behaviors that led us to believe that he might have acid reflux. He has been on Zantac for about 5 days and is doing a lot better. Marshall has been so much happier in the last couple of days, Chrissy has been so happy she feels like she could fly.

In fact, Chrissy has been so happy that she has not cried for several days in a row! This new calmness in Marshall prompted us to climb the highest mountain in Minneapolis. We reached the top and took a picture with Minneapolis in the background.
Church was actually easy for us today. We actually spent most of the time inour meetings instead of roaming the hallway or walking outside. Marshall has been much happier and we can tell that the pain is slowly subsiding. He too has felt "lifted to new heights."

These two pictures were taken on the highest natural point in Minneapolis where an old water tower is located. The water tower is called the Witch Hat because it looks the top looks like a hat suited for a witch! The hat is often referred to as a landmark to help navigate around the University area of Minneapolis because it stands high above other buildings.


The Bluths said...

Hey is that a Combi stroller? Wow that is a neat stroller!