Friday, January 9, 2009

This post is our Christmas Card

Hello Friends and Family,

Here is the Christmas card that you never got.... Yes its true the Jackson's did not send out Christmas cards. Some might accuse us of being cheep or a scrooge but we just call it being practical. That's what worked for us this year... maybe next year???

2008 Marshall
-graduated from speech therapy last August
-is 95% potty trained
-has decreased his egg allergy significantly and diagnosed with asthma
-loves books and is very good at coloring
-loves Family Home Evening because of the pictures and treats
-fastest tricycle rider west of the Mississippi

2008 Clayton
-is rolling over
-is a good eater
-has been rated 100% on the cuteness percentile
-loves to make loud random noises
-smiles a ton and is a happy baby

Chrissy 2008
-painted the interior of her home with her crazy nesting instinct
-gave birth to boy #2, baby Clay, the end of August
-has been successful exercising regularly... (Cardio:) chasing Marshall round while (Weight bearing activity:) carrying Clay.
-Enjoys teaching Relief Society

Corbett 2008:
-finished his fellowship with Sutter
-began new job as a manager of an outpatient center in Roseville
-decreased his commute by 40 minutes
-can make dinner while caring for 2 boys- good multitasking ability!


Aaron and Devony said...

We didn't do cards either, but I sure enjoyed this! I particularly loved Chrissy's exercise routine! Very much my style!

Rachel said...

I miss you guys!! It would be great to live close again so that our 4 boys could play together!! Some cute boys you have too! It sounds like things are going great!