Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunny January

We are in a drought and need rain but, are enjoying the nice weather. Last Saturday we had a picnic and watched and rode the train. Marshall really likes trains!

Here is Marshall in the blue car.... look closely, he is in there.

Marshall is a good brother, he likes to practice being soft and holding Clay.

Don't worry, I was there to help. Sometimes Marshall will hold Clay around the neck instead of around his belly. We are working on teaching Marshall how to be a big brother.


The Mortensens said...

Wow, green grass? I can't even express my jealousy at this moment! Will asks to go outside and play a lot, too bad I always have to say no! You guys look great, the kids are adorable, and Chrissy you are gorgeous as always! : ) We miss you guys, maybe you should move to Cleveland!

Shelby said...

Oh you guys look great! Good job teaching Marshall that it's best to hold around the stomach, not the neck! :)