Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good times

We have been bad bloggers. It's taken us over 2 months to get something new on our blog. But here we are actually getting it done, so we are moving in the right direction.

We are having a great time in California. Marshall is growing up fast and has more energy and enthusiasm than we thought was humanly possible. Here is a video of Marshall running around the house as we watch in amazement.

Marshall's room now has a little sign that has his name on it that matches his quilt from Grammy Jackson.


Marshall is learning a lot right now including how to use a spoon. He is actually successful...some of the time. Whenever he is successful, he's pretty happy about it. Well, he's pretty happy regardless. We just give him a bath after every meal which is why he doesn't wear any clothes for meal time. We just let him eat and make a royal mess.


The Mortensens said...

Hey guys! Welcome back to blogging! I've been checking your blog everyday for the past 2 months waiting to hear how my friends were doing and now I finally have something to read about them! We miss you guys a lot, but we are glad you are liking California. I love this video of Marshall, Will and Marshall would still be great friends. They have a lot in common - they both have a lot of energy and they are both CUTE! Once Will started walking, it's been crazy and there is no still moments around here, unless we put on Nemo. Hahaha. Sorry for the long post, good to hear from you guys.

Aaron and Devony said...

Also I love that Marshall eats naked. Haha! Smart parents!

Aaron and Devony said...

Yay - you're back! Can't believe how big Marshall is! We love your posts, so keep them coming! Glad you guys are doing well!

The Bluths said...

Well I'm glad I have something new to look at for the next 2 months :) I expected Marshall to look all big and grown up, but he still seems pretty much the same, cute kid.

David and Shelly said...

That is some cute kid!! We sure miss our neighbors! Now we live on complete opposites of the United States. Thank goodness for the interent. I love your hair, Chrissy, as always.
The Myers

David and Shelly said...

interNET, oops.

Lys said...

So fun to see you guys! Sammy has those same jammers. We can't wait to see you soon.
Sam and Lys