Saturday, August 4, 2007

Jeff & Stacy's wedding and Marshall's golf swing

I'm not claiming to explain how golf and Jeff & Stacy's wedding go together, but they do for the purposes of this post!

The last of Chrissy's siblings is now married, and Stacy picked a great man to join the family. This picture shows how happy they are together.

Maybe this is just imagery for Jeff and Stacy's future. I count 7 kids guys. It's funny - it doesn't look like the newlyweds are even aware that there is anybody else around.

Marshall, Corbett, and Chrissy before the reception started at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Here's Marshall learning to swing a golf club:


The Bluths said...

Your sister looks gorgeous! Marshall's eyes are SO blue! Very cute.

The Mortensens said...

Corbett, if you're not careful he is going to pass you up with that golf swing of his!!!
Take care guys,

The Hunter Family said...

Hey guys, this is the Hunters here in Salt Lake City. We just started blogging. Our site is Hey too bad we couldn't meet up when you guys were in Salt Lake. Nick is attending the U. He started his Physical Therapy program in May. He sure loves it and I am enjoying Salt Lake.

Take care,

Nick and jessika

The Bluths said...

Hey remember you guys have a blog? Use it! :)

Living The Life..... said...

hey.. crissy..this is lolly moreno from sb single ward.. well, lillard now.. I like your pics and your cute family. You look SO PRETTY! take care!