Saturday, November 12, 2011

We had our 3rd baby boy!

What a surprise!  Baby Tanner came 2 weeks early. 
Labor and delivery went very well for Chrissy and Tanner. 
Marshall loves to hold Tanner and help mom.  He is such a good big brother!

When we got home from the hospital Clay was confused because moms stomach wasn't flat, yet Tanner was born.  He pointed to Chrissy's stomach and said, "When is that baby going to come out?"  Mom assured him that Tanner was the baby in mom's belly, Tanner just left his pillow and blanket in there. 

Clay is adjusting to being a big brother.  When Clay realized that Tanner just eats and sleeps he said, "Can we take this baby back to the hospital and get one that sits up and crawls?"

Tanner is the best toy that Clay could have.  He loves waking up Tanner by putting his face on Tanners face and saying, "Hi baby!"  "Wake up baby Tanner!" We are working on setting boundaries for Clay and baby Tanner.  Its a hard balance to have Clay feel involved in Tanners life, but to protect Tanner from a creative three year old.


Shelby said...

Chrissy, Clay is so funny! I am totally getting a kick that you said he left his pillow and blanket in there - so true! Tanner is precious and I am so excited for you guys!!