Monday, October 19, 2009

October 2009

Our little Walker

Breathing treatment time.

What kind of parent lets their 3 1/2 year old son wear his spider man pajamas, Jack-o-lantern pumpkin socks and tennis shoes to Apple Hill?....we do
His choice of clothing made a lot of people smile and comment. There is part of me that wishes to be like Marshall, to not have a care in the world but to be with family and have a treat... to completely live in the moment.

I made this onesie at a Relief Society activity.


T-Ray said...

Your kids are so cute! i love all the pictures. They are growing up so fast!

The Albrecht Geekclan said...

Marshall just has so much personality, I love it! Please tell him hello for me. I love the onesie! The activity must have gone well. = )

The Albrecht Geekclan said...

WOW, Clay is walking! Yay!! I hope that makes things easier and not harder for you. I bet he is following Marshall everywhere now! Okay, is the breathing treatment real?

ketti-quilts said...

Chrissy, the onesie is darling, I copied the pic to put in my wallet.