Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, how our garden grew when we were gone!


blkris said...

Are those zucchinis? I hope you have a good zucchini bread recipe! If you do... pass it along, would ya? I have a food blog now and I am always trying to find new, good recipes.

Your boys are adorable! Hope you are well!

Marge' Mom said...

Marshall, or should I say spiderman
you are so big!!!
Thanks for coming to our house and our park to play, we can't wait for you to come again!!
Love the Cooks
Uncle Scott, Aunt Marge' Lincoln Lexus and Bentley

Lisa said...

Wow!! Yummy zucchini bread, here we come! Marshall looks excited!

The Albrecht Geekclan said...

Wow, those veges are amazing! I'm going to have to figure out what your secerts are, my stuff never turns out that well... = )

The Albrecht Geekclan said...

Hey, is that Marshall getting ready for Halloween?? LOL, he is such a character!