Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Night night Clay."

Ben, Cameron, Sammy, Jeremiah, Marshall


Popsicle- the treat for a bunch of grand kids with allergies!

The Cabin

We ran into some construction at the cabin, they were laying pipe. All the boys were fascinated with the bulldozers!

My dad is a botanist by hobby. He led the kids on a nature hike and they learned plant names. They got to collect leaves in their bags too.

Twister with the cousins and grandpa.

Amy's house- Utah

We stayed at my sister Amy's before the Record reunion. Nathan and his family came too and the kids had fun in the water.

Carson and Clayton

Oquirrh Mountain Temple- Open House

While in Utah we were able to go to this temple open house. Its a rare event to go inside an LDS temple before its dedicated. Once its dedicated its closed to the public and opened only to members of the church who are living high moral standards and Christin principles.

It was a good experience for Marshall to go inside the temple. Now when we say,"We are going to the temple" he will have a better idea of what its like there.

We ran into Corbett's cousin Nikki and family.... its a small world.

Marshall, Boston and Jackson