Monday, June 1, 2009

Our own boys camp!


Tent & Books

Toys and Crawling

Pouring out all the toys

I gave Clay this tent and tunnel for Christmas. We finally got it out and they both loved it. We spent most the afternoon outside reading,eating lunch, playing with toys, crawling around and cuddling while still in our pajamas. I love being home with my boys, they bring me so much joy. I'm glad that I could be their mommy!


Janick said...

Blogs are so cool to keep up on friend's lives. It's so fun to see you guys. Clay is crawling-wow! He is a bald one too! Too cute! I just read Pollyanna...I remember you telling me Corbett's family watched the movie and it was their motto or something. It is a great book. I am so "glad" you told me about it. Thanks! :)

Aaron and Devony said...

what a fun day!