Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Growing Boys

Marshall... say cheese!

Here comes Clay!

Marshall loves Clay. Every morning when he initially sees him he says, "I kiss him?" Then he smothers him in hugs and kisses. He also likes to hold him.... with supervision.

In this video clip Clay shows off his new cooing sounds. He's in a hurry to catch up to Marshall. He rolled over about 3 weeks ago; a lot earlier than Marshall.


Marge' Mom said...

yea! I love the pictures of the boys they are both growing so fast love you guys Aunt Marge'

Shelby said...

what cute boys! I love the halloween costumes and clay cooing! Thanks for putting them up!

Pam said...

Love those coo-ing baby sounds. The boys are both so cute!!! We will be in Oregon for New Year's. Will you be there too. I think not, but I hope so!!! Loves Aunt Pam

The Bluths said...

Love the video of Clay, his smile is so cute!

The Albrecht Geekclan said...

Those guys are so cute, they are going to be heart breakers!