Saturday, November 3, 2007

Playing with the box, not the toy

Marshall got a new car this week. It's one of those little tikes plastic cars. We had to get him one as an early Christmas present because he pulls kids out of their own cars. I guess we give in pretty easily. Anyway, now that he has the car, he likes the box better. I know this a phenomenon that is shared by many parents. For all those that can relate, enjoy this short clip:


David and Shelly said...

Superduper cute!
We sure miss you guys.
From the angle you are taping the camera, the box doesn't look big enough for Corbett to fit. It is like a magic act or something, when he fits in there.

Shaun and Jessy Cheney said...

That's so cute, it was really fun to watch. Trevor liked his box better than his car too. funny how that is.

Derek said...

Corbett, you sure do fit in that box well! I remember playing in those refrigerator boxes as well. Oh it's so fun to see Marshall. Can't wait to see you guys next week!!

The Hunter Family said...

Looks like fun. Poor Marshall thought he wasn't going to see his dad again when Corbett went into the box. Oh, and is that the same TV you had in AZ?