Saturday, June 2, 2007


Marshall has learned how to drink from a straw. In-N-Out Burger made it possible when we purchased a Neapolitan milkshake. He quickly realized how wonderful this treat is. Check out the video:

We also had a bit of sticker fight as you can see in the pictures below.


Cassi said...

Cute little Marshall! We miss you guys and still can't believe you're really gone! But it looks nice there and no burger place in MN can compare to In-N-Out! haha

Heidi said...

Hi! I don't know if you remember us- The Hillers from MN! We have been in CA for a while now and I've noticed you've moved here too! Where are you living??! I hate to disappoint you, but the In-N-Out fries are horrible to us! I don't know what the deal is, but we don't like them at all!
If you're near Fairfield we'd love to get together with you guys for something fun... we have the Jelly Belly Factory just down the street from us if you're interested!

The Fantasias said...

CUTE! You have a baby boy now!? Time flies. Anywho, I don't know if you remember me (Stephanie) but I came to your house with Ryan Sidlow for dinner back in the day and was in your ward at Colonial House. My husband saw you on the Bluth's blog and told me about it. Marshall is SO, SO ADORABLE! Congrats on the Master Degree as well. :)