Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Happy Birthday & A Couple Feet of Snow

Happy Birthday Marshall! This week Marshall turned one-year old. When we put the cake in front of him, he grabbed it even before the candle was out. He didn't understand that he was supposed to blow out the candle, but he was very interested it. What a pyro. When he started eating the cake, he really liked the frosting at first but didn't really enjoy the cake part. Maybe he will be one of those kids who only eats frosting...gross.

Here are all of the Marshall's presents. He scored big time!!! Thanks for all of the gifts everybody.

Marshall wouldn't wear his birthday hat unless he was doing something else at the same time. So this is the only decent picture of our more than 10 attempts. Ha! Anyway, it's cute. Marshall has recently learned how to hold and drink out of cup completely independently.

This shows the first wave of snow that we have received in the last week. Last weekend we got a foot of snow, and this Wednesday and Thursday we got about 15 inches. We have had lots of opportunities to shovel the sidewalks and...

dig out our car. Anybody have a free hand?