Saturday, November 18, 2006

A couple of funny ones

For our Family Home Evening, we learned about Nephi and how he built boats to get to the promised land so Chrissy thought we should let Marshall splash with his boats in little tubs! Marshall, his diaper, and the entire floor was soaked after just a few minutes. He understood how to maximize his splashing and quite enjoyed getting wet.

This is Marshall's friend, Will, attacking Marshall's face. Luckily Rachel saved the day. It's fun to watch kids play and explore together.

The last picture here is Marshall with Santa Claus. I didn't know Santa started working before Thanksgiving, but great! Marshall is posing here for Mom after he told Santa what we wanted for Christmas: a motorcycle, a new snowboard, beef jerky, and an extra cell phone.


Davis Family said...

Looks like Fun! I think you should put up pictures of Corbett playing in the water as well. :) I'm sure you have some :O

The Bluths said...

How was your thanksgiving? What a good Mormon family you are to have family home evening that includes Marshall.

The Bluths said...

Cute Christmas card by the way, thanks!!